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You May Also Be Given These Requirements When You Get Freed On Bail

by Milton Horton

After an arrest and subsequently getting freed on bail, it's not time to go back to your old habits that may have contributed to your arrest. During your bail hearing, it's common for a judge to provide you with a number of requirements that you must adhere to while you're out on bail. Failing to meet these requirements could result in the judge revoking your bail, which means that you'd be taken into custody and expected to remain there until your court case is finished. This definitely isn't the scenario you want, so pay close attention to your bail requirements, which may include the following.

Abstain From Drugs And Alcohol

A common requirement after you're free on bail is that you must not use drugs or alcohol while you're out on bail. Judges will often impose this requirement if drugs or alcohol were a factor in your arrest. For example, if you were arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, you'll be mandated to stay away from alcohol while you're on bail. Under this condition, you may be subject to random drug or alcohol testing. Failing one of these tests or refusing to take it would cause the judge to revoke your bail and return you to custody.

Surrender Your Firearms

If you're a firearm owner, the judge may also force you to surrender your firearms as a requirement of your bail. This may be more likely if you have been charged with a violent crime. For example, if you were arrested for domestic assault, the judge will require that you don't have any firearms in your home, given the risk of a further incident potentially occurring and turning deadly. Your bail bonds agent can speak to the local police force to facilitate the transfer of your firearms to the police.

Don't Leave The Area

During bail hearings, judges will also commonly require you to stay in the area of where you live. This may mean staying within the city or county limits. In some cases, you'll be free to move around the state, but will not be allowed to travel across state lines. In more extreme situations, you may be free on bail but not able to leave your home — essentially, living as though you're under house arrest. As with the other requirements, being caught in disregard of this condition will result in your bail being revoked and you being placed back in jail.

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