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Mobile Merchant Services: Why You Absolutely Need Them

by Milton Horton

Yes, your business is a stationary one. However, products and services are not. Mobile merchant services are the future, but the future has already arrived. Here are some mobile merchant services, and why you need them.

Mobile Point-of-sale Systems

Being able to accept payments on the go for services or products means never having to wait for checks to clear; and, knowing that your sales profits are accessible is a major benefit to these systems. The devices involved range from handheld size to tablet size. They are simple to use, plus the programming automatically updates and keeps track of sales via WiFi. Restaurants are able to use ordering systems to keep customer orders neat and tidy, while also processing bill payments.

Mobile Payment Apps

Mobile payment apps means that products delivered do not require payment until the products are at the customer's door. If a customer orders a pizza and does not want to pay online or pay with cash at the door, the customer can pay at the door with a mobile payment app on a company smartphone. To make this payment option even more secure, get the mobile payment chip reader device, too.

Mobile Payment Chip Readers

Mobile payment chip readers are fairly new devices. They work in conjunction with the payment apps so that customers can use their chip-embedded debit and credit cards to securely and effortlessly pay for goods and/or services. Even taxi cabs now offer services with chip readers so that customers can insert their cards, pay, and go. It removes any chance of stolen smartphones when the phones would ordinarily be handed to customers to enter card information. It also removes any chance that card information is stolen by dishonest employees during payment transactions.

Mobile Receipt Printers

Most customers do not have the time to enter an email address at the point of sale. If they want a receipt, you have to be ready to provide one that is legible and timely. That is why you also need mobile receipt printers to accompany all of the above mobile merchant equipment.

These printers receive a signal from the app/point-of-sale equipment and then the printer quickly spits out a professional receipt, plus a copy for business purposes. Unless a customer provides an email address and specifically requests an emailed receipt, these mobile receipt printers are the next best thing to keeping track of expenses and profits.

For more information or to purchase your own mobile merchant services, contact a company such as Merchant Cooperative.